25 August —
28 August 2022

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Enter Art Fair is an ambitious art fair located in Copenhagen – one of the world’s most vibrant and forward-looking capitals. The 4th edition of Enter Art Fair welcomes 78 galleries and their artists in curated presentations that will all be approved by our international selection committee. The fair facilitates a platform that gives galleries the opportunity to present their artists to a live audience and connects the art directly with its viewer.

Voloshyn Gallery is proud to present the works of Ukrainian artists Nikita Kadan, Mykola Ridnyi, Maria Sulymenko and Artem Volokitin at Enter Art Fair 2022. The approaches of the authors in their works collide with each other from different angles, complementing each other, balancing between negation and assertion, while going beyond their context.

Nikita Kadan’s Procedure Room project is dedicated to the practice of torture in the police, which is common in today's Ukraine, and various aspects of its public perception. Also, the theme of the "Procedure Room" is the body - the body as something personal (inalienable), private (something that can be exchanged), and public (work with which is entrusted to professionals in uniform). The project includes a series "souvenir" plates with pictures of police torture printed on them, made in the style of medical instructions from the "Popular Medical Encyclopedia" of Soviet times. The pictures in this encyclopedia depict patients usually have a kind and calm expression at a time when their bodies are undergoing painful procedures: "The doctor knows what he is doing, everything is done for our common good.

A series of sculptures More Flags by Mykola Ridnyi refers to various architectural forms: government buildings, street markets, residential buildings, or vehicles. They all have one thing in common - the flag. The artist reflects on the latest changes in the perception of national symbols in Ukraine, when the national flags and symbols present everywhere have acquired special political and historical significance. Erasing the differences in details and colors with black paint, he critically comprehends the logic of the latest political shifts, in which the architectural base, its history, cultural context, and social functions are becoming less significant than the manifestation of national colors on its surface.

Artem Volokitin presents the broadscale canvases from the series Afterimage. In this series the artist develops the topics, on which he is working during the recent years. For instance, the readily recognizable is the background which imitates the engraving print technique, - one of the trademarks of Volokitin’s works. Besides that, this series is a new attempt of the author to solve the issue how to picture the light as it is. An afterimage is a phenomenon of human consciousness that creates and retains an image of an object the gaze had focused on even after the object itself has been removed. Afterimages occur most commonly after observing objects lit up by sunlight or blinding flares. From the physiological perspective, afterimages are a side effect of an eye adapting to bright light. And yet, these afterimages are highly individual and strongly affected by each person's psychological or emotional state.

Maria Sulymenko's works enter into a dialogue with Artem Volokitin's works. The watercolor paintings of Maria Sulymenko from the The Glass World of People and Thing project are comprised both simplicity and laconism, and at the same time, something that is hold an audience spellbound. Everything that happens like slow-motion or frozen in space pictures, and is immersed in an atmosphere of transparent grey air. The author delicately and perfectly collect all the details, but at the same time, the viewer keeps the sense of improvisation and ease. The characters of the Maria’s paintings are out of the peculiar era, and placed in a rather nominally, sometimes naive, designated environment, images of which refer to the subconscious, rather than explicit realm. In this absurdity atmosphere there is happening something a very existential. 



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