Dallas Art Fair 2021
11 November —
14 November 2021

selected works


In the heart of the downtown arts district, the Dallas Art Fair offers collectors, arts professionals, and the public the opportunity to engage with a rich selection of modern and contemporary artworks presented by leading national and international galleries. Thoughtfully curated exhibitions and innovative programming encourage lively conversations and close looking in a robust and rapidly growing arts community.This year’s fair will showcase a curated selection of 58 local, national and international exhibitors, representing 23 cities from 9 countries.

Voloshyn Gallery is taking part in the Dallas Art fair! This year we are presenting works by Nikita Kadan, Lesia Khomenko, Vlada Ralko and Oleksiy Sai at our stand within the Dallas Art Fair.

Nikita Kadan presents his works from the series "National Landscape". In his series, Nikita portrays the landscape as a witness to blood, murder, human abuse. The author offers to comprehend the mass violence in the past and to find their identity in the darkness of history.

Nikita Kadan works with painting, graphics, and installation, often in interdisciplinary collaboration with architects, sociologists and human rights activists. He is a member of the artist group R.E.P. (Revolutionary Experimental Space) and founding member of Hudrada (Artistic Committee), a curatorial and activist collective. Nikita Kadan represented Ukraine at the Venice Biennale in 2015.Awards: Kazimir Malevich Prize, 2016; Future Generation Prize (special prize), 2014 Maiмn Prize,PinchukArtCentre Prize, 2011; shortlisted for PinchukArtCentre Prize in 2009 and for Future Generation Prize in 2012. Works in public collections: Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich, M HKA –Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp, mumok (Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien), National Art Museum of Ukraine, Kyiv, Arsenal Gallery, Białystok, Military History Museum,Dresden, The Art Collection Telekom, Krasnoyarsk museum centre, Krasnoyarsk, The Kingdom of Belgium, Ministery of Foreign Affairs, FRAC Bretagne, Centro per l'arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci, Prato, Сentre Pompidou in Paris.

In the series of paintings "Vernadsky's Dacha" Lesia Khomenko is raising interest in historical memory and emphasizing the local context. A series of paintings depicts the house of Academician Vernadsky on Butova Hill near the village of Shyshaky, where he worked on the theory of the noosphere. While working on the paintings, Khomenko used archival photographs of the estate of the academician from the Shyshatsky Museum of Local Lore. Later, during a trip there, the author took photos by herself. However, this place is overgrown with trees. "Among these modern thickets, I had a feeling of loss, undefinability - it formed the basis of the work" - says the artist in the description. The estate becomes an imaginary place: in the pictures, the house is covered with thickets. In the foreground - poplars, according to legend, planted by the scientist himself. Also, the author's body is in a tank, deliberately enlarged to the size of trees. This third element of "misunderstanding" seems conceptually unjustified and only confuses the history of work. In addition, the story prevails in the project over the form.

Another work by Lesia Khomenko from the series "Personal Vocation" is presented. "Personal Vocation" is the term of Hryhoriy Skovoroda, who was an idealist philosopher and believed that everyone has a tendency to a certain type of work and that happiness lies in the cause to which a person has a natural inclination. Lesia actualizes this notion today and tries to introduce it into the field of critical discourse, to contrast it with the still relevant notion of "alienated labor" according to Marx. The figures of the workers are inscribed in the format of the canvases in such a way that the picture seems to be "tight" for them. The legs are on the edge of the picture, the head is pressed into the corner. Sometimes, the head does not fit at all. Such a formal method for the artist is a metaphor for the social and economic conditions, in which workers must work today.

Lesia Khomenko was born in 1980 in Kyiv, where she lives and works now. She graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in 2004. In 2005-2006 she took part in the residence of the Center for Contemporary Art at NaUKMA; in 2008 - at the LIA residence (Leipzig InternationalArt program) in Leipzig, Germany. Since 2004 she has been a co-founder and memberof the REP group, and since 2008 of the HUDRADA curatorial association. Her works have been exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions, including the main project of the Kyiv Biennale Arsenale in 2012, as well as exhibitionsat the National Art Museum of Ukraine, New York's White Box gallery, Vienna's MUMOK, and Zaheta gallery in Warsaw. Lesia Khomenko is a nominee for the PinchukArtCentre Prize in 2009, 2011, and 2013 and the Future generation art prize as part of the R.E.P. in 2012, founded by Victor Pinchuk, as well as the winner of the Kazimir Malevich Prize in 2012 and 2016.

The series "Signs’’ by Vlada Ralko are her significant ones up today. The works from the series deliberately did not contain any clear meaning, at least on the surface. In 2008, when the artist was working on them, it would forestallthe question “What does that mean?”, suggesting instead of an explanation, thelack of content as vulnerability and challenge at the same time. Ralko wanted to turn the audience 180 degrees, to create a kind of vicious circle, where each issue is questionable due to the lack of response. This “something” has beensort of tearing or injuring the body from the inside and thus appeared on the surface.

Vlada Ralko was born in 1969 in Kyiv. Graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Arts (Section easel painting – Professor V.Shatalin). In 2001 got the prize of the All-Ukrainian Triennial of Painting (2001). Participated in numerous authoritative exhibitions of contemporary art in Ukraine and abroad, including personal projects on Art-Kyiv 2007, Art-Moscow 2007, Art-Kyiv 2008, Art-Kyiv 2009, Art- Kyiv 2010, Art-Kyiv 2011. Since 1994 is a Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Painting. Lives and works in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

Oleksiy Sai presents his Excel-art project. Sai has been working with Excel software as a visual language resource since 2004. The first exhibition entitled Excel-Art was held at the Tsekh Gallery in Kyiv in 2007. The artist sees the abstract language of numbers, graphs and diagrams as the only possible mode of addressing the life of clerks and office workers, that is, the strata presently associated with average employment. Artists tend to ignore office drudgery as inconsequential and banal. Insofar as artists engage with it at all, they tend to do so indirectly, through satire and other gestures or strategies not devoid of critical intent. Counter to this approach, Sai offers a markedly neutral and objective representation of the life of office workers in all its facets. Over the lastcouple of years, Say has been rethinking the role of the “office” lifestyleas a social norm, depicting office workers as a semi-extinct species that will soon depart from the historical arena.

Oleksiy Sai was born in 1975 in Kyiv, where he lives and works to this day. He graduated from the Kyiv College of Arts and Industries with a degree in graphic design in 1993, and from the Department of Easel Graphic Art at the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture in 2001.PinchukArtCentre Prize nominee ’09, he is widely exhibited. Oleksiy Sai took part in many groupand solo exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. His works were exhibited at Black Square Gallery (Miami, the USA), Saatchi Gallery (London, the UK), Bunsen Goertz Gallery (Nurembreg, Germany), PERMM Museum of Contemporary Art (Perm, Russia), etc.

Founded in October 2016 by Max and Julia Voloshyn, Voloshyn Gallery specializes in contemporary art. It showcases a broad range of media in contemporary art, hosting solo and group exhibitions and participating in leading contemporary art fairs. In 2015, the Voloshyns made it to theForbes’ 30 Under 30 list. Voloshyn Gallery is a member of The New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA).

Voloshyn Gallery fosters the integration of Ukrainian art into global cultural processes. It presents an exciting and diverse exhibition programme, as well as working in partnership with institutions, independent curators in realising both on and off-site projects.

Voloshyn Gallery participates in leading contemporary art fairs. Over the course of the last two years, the gallery has participated in The Armory Show, Vienna Contemporary, Dallas Art Fair, Pulse Art Fair, Nada Miami, Untitled.Art, and EXPO CHICAGO. Zhanna Kadyrova's solo presentation from Voloshyn Gallery was awarded the Pulse Prize (2018) at the Pulse Art Fair. The project was also noted by the curators of the Perez Art Museum Miami.