Viktor Deysun

Selected works


The expressive power, emotionality and semantic abstractionism mark the individual painting manner of the artist Viktor Deysun. The rainbow play with colourful surfaces, fine internal logic and ornamentally broad brush strokes, mixing with each other on the paintings, are likely to create a link between earthly and celestial nature. The artist masterfully expresses a mood and impressions stemming from what one has seen, felt, reflected on and experienced, and every touch of the canvas is well thought-out.

Abstract artist Viktor Deysun was born in 1962 in Kamyanets-Podilsky, Ukraine. In 1980, he graduated from the Republican Comprehensive Art School named after Taras Shevchenko in Kyiv. In 1983, Viktor entered the  Lviv State institute of Applied and Decorative Arts  (currently Lviv National Academy of Arts) to graduate from it in 1988. He started to master the abstract art during his study in the institute. In the midst of the socialist regime the artist studied the works of Pablo Picasso, Jackson Polok, Marc Chagal and Salvador Dali. After the perestoika in the USSR had commenced, the artists felt more freedom, and Victor could express his talent to full extent. Since 1992, almost every year he has personal exhibitions and participates in auctions.

In 2000, Victor Deysun become a member of the National Artists’ Union of Ukraine and he is also a member of the creative union «BZh-Art».

The artist lives and works in Kyiv.