Pavlo Kerestey

Selected works


Pavlo Kerestey is a Ukrainian born German artist and painter, who lives and works in Reading, England and Munich, Germany. His work has been shown in exhibitions and collections across the world.

Works in collections:

  • Grynyov Collection, Kharkiv
  • National Art Museum, Odessa, Ukraine
  • National Art Museum, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Russian State Museum, St Perterburg, Russia
  • State Art Museum N. Onac'koho, Sumy, Ukraine
  • Zenko Foundation, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Julia & Marat Guelman Collection, Moscow, Russia
  • Mars Gallery, Moscow, Russia
  • Igor Voronov Art Foundation, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Stedley Art Foundation, Kyiv, Ukraine
  • State Museum of Art, Khmelnytsk, Ukraine
  • State Museum of Art, Sumy, Ukraine
  • Contemporary Art Gallery, Lutsk, Ukraine
  • private collections, Germany, Denmark, USA, UK, Ukraine...