Mila Paniс

Selected works


Mila Panić is Bosnian born artist and stand-up comedian. The artist's practice ranges from personalized documentation to highly poetic visual and discursive elements, from drawings to family videos, found footage, food and photographs, creating a cycle that interprets the various inheritances of migration by providing the glimpses into the consequences of the process itself revealing what is not documented, shaping the whole picture, de-masks the different cultural narratives existing subtly in the very idea of migration. In this process Panić addresses the constant aspiration for a better life counterbalancing personal expectations and guilt with intimacy as a tool for resistance, always allowing for her personal experience to emerge.

She is the initiator and part of the collective and association Fully Funded Residencies, the platform for a faster and easier overview of art residences, mobility funds, and grants, concentrating on those covering expenses as well as for sharing experiences and critical reflection on AIR programs. Currently, she lives and mingles in Berlin.