Maryna Bindich

Selected works


In the works of Maryna Bindich preveils rather realistic vision, but quite often it borders with the abstract. By means of her works she offers a different view at the common for us ideas and things. During the last few years Maryna Bindich has been working with watercolours, acrylic paint and ball-point pens on paper, step by step applying these materials in thin layers. It’s a very painstaking process and each painting takes 3-4 months. As for choice of materials Maryna Bindich says: “I love working on paper, because it’s the simplest means of self-expression. This way you can achieve any desirable result or effect. It's important for me if my work is complete, sincere and appeals to a spectator.”

Indeed, you can’t resist the charm when you ask yourself: how is it possible to gain such a complicated effect of something not made by human hands using so simple and usual not only for artists materials? 

Maryna Bindich was born in 1988 in Kyiv, Ukraine. In 2006 she graduated from Shevchenko State Art School. Between 2007 and 2013 she studied at the National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture (NAFAA) at the studio of Monumental Paintings and Temple Culture of M. A. Storozhenko. During the study she was repeatedly awarded with prizes at the academic drawing competitions. Maryna Bindich is the constant participant of exhibitions and residences. At the moment she lives and works in Kyiv.