Alexander Roytburd

Selected works


The artist and cultural activist Alexander Roytburd is considered to be one of the founders of Ukrainian postmodernism. The representative of South Ukrainian art school. His painting can be recognized a glance. According to art critics: "He's plastic, sculptural, massive and almost tangible. A typical paint brushstroke has qualities of a graphic one. As a result, the form is not defined, but emerges on the canvas, being its emanation to some transcendent space. Therefore, even figurative Roytburd's images are abstract. And in this sense they are cinematic: however specific they may seem, they always stay mere hints, symbols, refer to objects in reality, never coinciding with them" (a fragment from introductory article to "Roytburd" catague, 2015).

Alexander Roytburd was born in 1961 in Odessa. In 1983 he graduated from Art-Graphic Faculty of the Odessa Pedagogical Institute. In 1993 he co-founded the association "New Art" (Odessa). Since 1993, he worked there as an art director, from 1999 to 2001 - president. Since 2002 he has worked as director of Marat Guelman Gallery in Kyiv. The artist conducts active exhibition and curatorial activities. He lives and works in Kyiv and Odessa, Ukraine.