Oleksandr Babak

Selected works


Oleksandr Babak belongs to a prominent cluster of leading Ukrainian artists whose work opened a new phase of modern art. The artist is known as a painter, and author of installations, objects and actions. His paintings of the 80ies are a classic example of the monumental style. In the 90ies the artist was actively engaged in installation activity. Now Oleksandr paints a lot from life, so his works are declarative, programmatic. The landscapes of Velykyy Pereviz village where he spends much of the year dominate. Rough canvas, looseness of form, color expression - everything speaks of powerful bursts of energy accompanying the process. To find similar full-scale analogies of the artist is not easy, and whether it worth it - their identity demonstrates the exceptional talent of Babak, which shall take a particular implementation depending on time, place or nature of the chosen target.

Oleksandr Babak was born in Kiev in 1957, the son of renowned artist Petr Babak. In 1974 he graduated from high Republican school named after Taras Shevchenko. From 1978 to 1984 he studied in the studio of monumental painting of M.A. Storozhenko and V.A. Chekanyuk at Kyiv State Art Institute, which is now the Academy. Member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1988. He became a member of the Kiev creative group "Picturesque park" created by Tiberiy Silvashi in 1992. In 2010 on the territory of the estates of spouses Olexandr and Tamara Babak together with Yuri Oslamovskym initiated the artistic residence, known as Velykyy Pereviz.

The artist lives and works in Kyiv and Velykyy Pereviz.