07 June —
01 July 2016

selected works


Voloshyn Gallery together with the Institute of Contemporary Art presents an art project "Heritage".

In the project we raise issues that are of concern to humanity. What will the world be like after 50 years? What heritage will we leave to our descendants?

We invited artists and creative people to take part in the research and present a personal look at this topic.

We received over 100 applications and now we are pleased to present works by artists and associations: Viktor Arefiev, Anna Bitaeva, Tetyana Boguslavska, Anna Valieva, Artem Volokitin, Mikhail Deyak, Oleg Karpeev, Yurii Koval, Alexander Koltsov, Natalia Lisova, Anton Logov, Anna Mironova, Nina Murashkina, Yurii Musatov, Oksana Pizh, Yulia Polyakova, Kristina Ridzel, Olga Selyshcheva, Anastasiya Sirenko, Lena Siyatovska, “Step” Art Group (Anton Karyuk and Lena Siyatovska), Nikita Storozhkov, Valeria Tarasenko, Bohdan Tomashevskyi, Alyona Shybunova, Oksana Chepelyk, radio surrealism, ZOIartgroup (Inna Prodan, Nadia Smirnova).

Excerpting the topic for selection, the curators Maxim and Julia Voloshyny understood that they would get a very wide range of thoughts and positions. Consequently, we present to you 28 totally different views, sometimes ironic, sometimes very serious or even loyal.

For example, the artist Kristina Ridzel, the winner of the ARTLEVEL DESIGN FESTIVAL, in her work "With Hope ..." wants to draw attention to the problem of existence in society, to the fact that each of us is becoming less and less noticeable to others, dissolves in an endless stream of human bustle. But despite this humanity still has hope, because a pure, innocent child - our future, and how it will be - depends on us.

Michail Deyak presents an expressive sculpture-installation "Ocean", part of the great artist's project on the transformation and metamorphosis of Genesis. The huge water surface is in continuous interaction with the atmosphere and the earth's crust, it has a system of circulation of water and other specific properties, all these features are reincarnated in a spectacular installation of metal and transmit to us the author's idea of the ocean of the future.

Anna Valieva, with her work "Head to Heaven", draws attention to the fact that our planet is rapidly developing, and the Earth's interior is rapidly depleted. In this regard, people are increasingly studying space, new planets. Our thoughts are oriented to the sky. Fantastic stories by Ray Bradbury become reality.

Lena Siyatovska presents the work "Agrostis" and suggests that wildlife has the same right to life as a man. After all, a person is used to treating the nature that is "under the hood": in the park, in the botanical garden, in the greenhouse, or in the gallery space, as in our case. However, only being virgin, the ecosystem is able to fulfill its main function in a megacity - to maintain the necessary environment for people to live.

The installation of Oksana Chepelyk "50 Years Later" appeals to the theory of V.I. Vernadskyi about the "noosphere" as his "intellectual heritage". According to the theory of Vernadskyi culture is able to accumulate energy and prevent the entropy processes in the universe. At the same time, over the next 50 years, we have to deal with another "heritage", which brings us war.

Viktor Arefiev predicts that due to ecological disasters and nuclear war the land will become unfit for life, humanity will transfer its creative and scientific potential to the bottom of the ocean. The author presents at the exhibition the construction of an underwater farm on which whales will milk. "Architecton" is an installation symbolizing the mystery and the uncertainty of the future, its beauty and unusual, as well as the will of mankind to life and the continuation of the family.

Valeria Tarasenko created her own heritage from slides, based on the principle of infinitely drawn one in one scrubber.

ZOIartgroup in its "Spinal Territory" project considers the bed as a portrait of the entire human existence, with a demonstration of polar features and stages of human creation. The bed is like a territory of birth, love, sickness and death.

Anna Mironova will present the work "On the verge", apocalyptic sentiment, with a murderous sequence that is not relevant every now and then. Humanity, it would seem, is on the verge of existence. That boundary is the place where an opposite movement is taking place, where a new idea, a new life, a new quality arises.

Nikita Storozhkov is an unusual Ukrainian artist who draws the mysterious symbols-codes similar to the ancient letter, will present at the exhibition a series of works entitled "The mystery of the characters."

Yurii Koval, in his works "Modern Mythology" and "5 Minutes to Dream", basically takes myths about Apollo and Hyperboreus. And he argues that the dream must be the engine of our consciousness, the motive for the beautiful.

Anton Logov, introduce the new object "Injuries". This is a story about everyday injuries caused by ordinary people by the social conditions of the post-Soviet society. The metaphor for misunderstanding and distorted reality.

Bohdan Tomashevskyi installing "We are who we are" because of a good comparison with the surface of an old mattress indicates that people are pressing on Earth, squeezing nature, gaining a place to live. So the mattress, like the New York Central Park, looks like a piece of nature clogged in glass and metal skyscrapers.