20 april —
21 may 2023

selected works


Voloshyn Gallery is pleased to announce the Green On Red Gallery exhibition called Clamour, which will feature works by Ukrainian and other artists in support of Ukraine.

Following a conversation with artist Mary FitzGerald in March 2022 concerning how the gallery might support Ukrainian artists during this troubling time, Green On Red Gallery reached out to Voloshyn Gallery in Kyiv with the hopes of undertaking a collaborative exhibition. Clamour is the result of our joint efforts, an exhibition of Ukrainian artists alongside Irish and European artists. Intended as a response to the war in Ukraine, the featured works have been made in reaction to the destruction and distress the war has caused.

With the constant assistance of Anna Kopylova at Voloshyn Gallery Green On Red Gallery are exhibiting, for the first time in Ireland, the works of the collective Daniil Revkovskiy and Andriy Rachinskiy, of Nikolay Karabinovych, Mykola Ridnyi, and Oleksiy Sai - all artists with the Kyiv gallery.

A special thanks also goes to Nil Yalter in Paris for her new work in generous support of the exhibition and to leading Slovakian artist Roman Ondak for joining in our outrage in Clamour, with the help of his Paris gallery, GB Agency.

Green On Red Gallery are honoured also to add work from Mary FitzGerald, initiator of the exhibition, and Nigel Rolfe, both gallery artists at Green On Red.