Anna Mironova: ABOVE ME
22 November 2017 —
14 January 2018

selected works


Voloshyn Gallery presents the personal project of Anna Mironova “ABOVE ME”.

The exposition consists of painting works the subject of which the artist describes as follows: “Gazing at classical compositions on plafonds with biblical and antique subjects you think over the main idea of this type of monumental painting. Why is it namely ceiling painting? What’s its basic purpose? Apart from such obvious issues as aesthetic and perceptual aspects, maybe, there is some fundamental universal idea, maybe, there is something lying on the surface?

When you enter a temple the first involuntary act is looking up. Maybe, exactly this instinctive move underpins the main idea? To force a person to take his eyes off the ground!

In everyday life, with its pace and fuss you hardly ever or never at all look up, mostly focusing on the things in front of you or under your feet. The upper level of the city with its fabulous facades of older architecture remain unnoticed. We don’t detect the graphs of electric wire intersections and sophisticated made by nature itself laces of leaves from the treetops.

A situation obtained is .. There is a kind of division across a city. It’s like two dimensions: one is where you exist and which you know and the other is the unfamiliar parallel world.

The project “ABOVE ME”, of course, isn’t much about a city and architecture. Floral elements with which the laces at my works are “woven” are here to remind me first of all that regardless of life circumstances, at least, one should at times remember that there is the sky.”

Thinking over the art of Anna Mironova, the art historian Halyna Skliarenko writes: “…Almost the main theme of the works of the Kyiv artist Anna Mironova is the theme of a “small” world of nature with all the herbs, leaves, branches, traces on sand and soil that move to a “big” world of the Universe. The works of the artist who’s in love with Japanese poetry its own way interprets her established aesthetic categories among which there are “ephemerality”, “changeability”, “story about the world that is slipping away”, “patina”, “traces of time”, interest in representation of that special state of soul when a person feels the value and fragile changeability of each fragment of existence. It’s like Basho:

On a bare branch
A crow has stopped 
Autumn dusk

In this world there are no open emotions, he says about feelings, about antisipation, about things “that have the depth but not superficial calrity”... The artist bases her compositions on the combination of fragments, on formally-plastic metaphors, on contrasts of the “big” and the “small”. Her works are remarkable for specific poetic vision, “sensual experience of lines and forms”. …There is an idea that poetry doesn’t come until it’s needed. But as soon as an artist for whom poetry is the way of interaction with the world appears, it is back again. Every time it’s different… “.

Anna Mironova was born in 1977 in Kyiv. In 2007 she graduated from the National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture, studio of free graphics under guidance of professor A. B. Chebykin. Since 2007 she’s been the member of Ukrainian Designer Union. She’s been the participant of numerous exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad since 2002. Anna Mironova works in painting, graphics, creates objects and photographs. According to Forbes version 2016 she’s one of 25 the most successful representatives of contemporary art before age 40. Anna lives and works in Kyiv.