23 March 2015
Ukrainian fashion: paintings on paper clothes #NEXTSTEP
23 March 2015

On March, 21 in "Art Arsenal" the artists Mykhailo Deyak, Victor Deysun, Serge Payet and Vyacheslav Malina painted designer cotton coats of Serge Smolin

The initiators of the event were Max and Yuliya Voloshin, the owners of the gallery "Mystetska zbirka." The action was conducted in the framework of Ukrainian Fashion Week. All guests of "Art Arsenal" could find out more about the works of the artists. The initiators conceived the action to demonstrate a direct relationship between art and high fashion.

Four artists in their own style painted cotton coats from designer Serge Smolin. Artist Mykhailo Deyak created on dress his own "brand" chairs, Victor Deysun - colorful abstraction. Vyacheslav Malina painted camouflage jacket and at the same time made him look like a gem, and Serge Payet created modern paper decorations.

The clothes made of paper was invented by designer Serge Smolin, founder of the IDoL brand. For his models the designer uses thick paper and also flexible, special processing which remains secret. Smolin argues that after the action he has received a number of orders for art clothes. Now designer plans in collaboration with the artists to release a whole art collection, where every thing will be a unique artistic masterpiece.

Max Voloshin, the owner of the gallery "Mystetska zbirka": "Now my jacket from Serge Smolin is a real work of art. It can justly be called the most original thing in my wardrobe. I’m sure such things is a fashion of the future. "

Mykhailo Deyak, artist: "This project interested because the essence of the project is the integration of art to the masses. Why artwork should be only in museums? Art can and should be integrated into society, because when art is all around us, with us, we will be different, we will be interesting and unusual, and can offer others something interesting. Art is around us, art is we!".

Victor Deysun, artist: "I gladly agreed to participate in this unusual project. Until recently, I did not know what I will paint. I wanted it to be a complete surprise and impromptu. Jacket figure suggested the answer -subtle elegant ... I am confident that this collaboration will result not only in the art collection of clothing, but also in super popular fashion trend. "

Serge Payet artist: "I created this art object, based on the Garden of Claude Monet and his residence in Giverny. This is a fabulous place that remains in the memories of a lifetime. Some flowers change the others, everything blooms and smells like a paradise. I immortalized this principle in my work combining techniques such as paper decorations and origami. "

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