16 November —
20 November 2022

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Voloshyn Gallery proudly presents Maria Sulymenko’s solo exhibition at Art Cologne. The project includes both the artist's earlier works and new pieces created specifically for the art fair. In her watercolors, Maria Sulymenko manages to express abstract concepts through images: in this absurdist atmosphere, something truly existential is happening. The sceneries are barely inhabited. Nameless figures appearing in them are mainly alone, sometimes in groups of two or three. They are not characters as such, rather just beings. Environments surrounding them refer more to the subconscious than to the familiar reality.

Every day, reality clashes upon us, making people interact with people, things with things, and vice versa. Such interdependent interaction takes place on a daily basis, and there is some mystery to this semi-automatic mutual impact, something not fully resolved, something that cannot be decisively comprehended once and for all. No matter how confident and unique "people wearing suits" might feel, meeting the real world always brings an element of chaos to their orderly existence, as life is not just multifaceted: sometimes it is clumsy, ridiculous and funny. No matter how smooth reality seems to be, it always goes beyond the picture of the world invented by "people wearing suits" driven by the desire to control and restrain everything around them.

– Maria Sulymenko

A few words have to be said about some details recurring in the paintings, such as elongated candles, animal skins, “unidentified objects”, certain artworks.

Whether it is a picture on a wall or a sculpture on a pedestal, they do not make places feel inhabitable. All rooms in the paintings are devoid of any homeliness and comfort, rather resembling large cold aquariums, in which awkward characters with brushed-up hair wearing formal suits are swimming instead of fish. Looking at Maria Sulymenko's watercolors, one cannot help noticing how people in general constantly strive to surround themselves with this senseless gloss, a plethora of things. Why? Perhaps because it calms them by providing a sense of belonging to a particular social group, releases them from the existential loneliness and the fear of desocialization.

About Maria Sulymenko

Maria Sulymenko (1981, Kyiv, Ukraine) was born in a family of artists. After graduating from the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart (Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Stuttgart), she continued her studies at the Hessen State University of Art and Design in Offenbach am Main (Hochschule für Gestaltung). Her recent group exhibitions include Shifting, Glances (Simone Subal Gallery, NYC, US, 2022), Is it time, yet? (Georg Kargl Fine Arts, Vienna, Austria, 2022), She Asked, I Followed. Her Name Is After (Fredric Snitzer Gallery & Voloshyn Gallery, Miami, FL, US, 2022), The Memory on Her Face: Part I and II (Voloshyn Gallery, Miami, FL, US, 2022) And i trust You (Miettinen Collection, Berlin, 2022) and the solo exhibition The Glass World of People and Things... (Voloshyn Gallery, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2017).

About Voloshyn Gallery

Founded in October 2016 by Max and Julia Voloshyn, Voloshyn Gallery specializes in contemporary art. It showcases a broad range of media in contemporary art, hosting solo and group exhibitions and participating in leading contemporary art fairs. Voloshyn Gallery participates in leading contemporary art fairs. Over the course of the last two years, the gallery has participated in The Armory Show, Liste Basel, Vienna Contemporary, Dallas Art Fair, Pulse Art Fair, Nada Miami, Untitled Art, Art Athina, Expo Chicago etc. Zhanna Kadyrova's solo presentation from Voloshyn Gallery was awarded the Pulse Prize (2018) at the Pulse Art Fair. The project was also noted by the curators of the Perez Art Museum Miami.Voloshyn Gallery is a member of The New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA).

About Art Cologne

As the oldest art fair in the world, Art Cologne is the most important industry meeting point for galleries and institutions in Germany and has been an occasion for generations of art collectors to discover, collect, exchange ideas and establish new contacts.


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