09.07.2015 - 09.08.2015

The artists presented at the exhibition were asked to analyze the problems of modern society based on social networks and mass media. Project participants will submit original critical views on the issue of media phenomena of our time. They’ll give their own assessment of the socio-cultural issues such as the psychological dependence on social networks, consumer view of the world, burn-in time on the Internet, limited and narrow-mindedness of thinking and attitudes. Each guest of the exhibition will be able to answer the questions:

- Is his outlook restricted by Instagram square frame photo?

- Is his value is measured by likes?

- How real is his "reality"?

Without a doubt, everyone thought about it, often without answers.

The exhibition will feature paintings, sound, video, photos, graphics, installations and objects of mostly young artists.

Theme of research was suggested by curators Julia Voloshyna and Olga Palnychenko. They are convinced that this is one of the most pressing and urgent issues of modern society. Also, the curators emphasize - a special irony is that the exhibition is organized with the help of social networks - the announcement of the project preparation at first was posted on Facebook, and the works of some artists were found via Instagram.

The project participants from Ukraine are: Serge Payet, Mikhailo Deyak, Anna Valieva, Olga Yanul, Artem Brykunov, Oksana Tytenko, Bogdan Tomashevsky, Aleksey Tikhonovsky, Egor Zigura, artist Alena Hodor from Belarus, Polish artist Martin True Bob Zdrozhevski and the Austrian artist of Iranian origin Taha Ganimifard.

Musical accompaniment of the opening - Ukrainian premier of electro-acoustic work "Transient", composer Henry Jay Ng (Canada), artist Viktoriya Grinenko.