Anna Valieva. Project "The scene and behind the scenes" Anna Valieva
Anna Valieva. Project "The scene and behind the scenes"
18.03.2016 - 24.04.2016

Project by Anna Valieva called "The scene and behind the scenes." The artist explores the theme of the theater as a way of understanding a human life and consciousness. The stage and backstage symbolize a human harmony - the inner world and the outer, body and soul, a place where something is created, and space, where the created is already presented.

The project aims to give the audience a new experience to rethink their own past and the present by using the metaphor of the theater of life. The artist offers each of us to look at our own way from a new perspective, make important discoveries about personal scenario, favorite roles, and the mysteries of life behind the scenes of our own soul. Anna Valieva believes that by means of the project a person can get in touch with the beautiful, tragic, funny and ugly happening in the play of his life. Being in space of project "The scene and behind the scenes," we become a director, actor and spectator of our personal history.

The project consists of two parts: the scene and behind the scene. In the hall, where the ‘Scene’ is presented, the paintings are illuminated by the microphones in the twilight of space, which emit light. Thus the picture becomes alive and broadcasts us something important. It turns into some form of dialogue between the picture and a spectator. The "Scene" symbolizes the presence and expression of the person in the outer world. These are feelings and emotions from the outside, gallery play, persona, life scenario. By means of this image Anna embodies the freedom of man's will, the right to voice his thoughts, feelings, beliefs, need to be heard.

The second part of the project is the space "Behind the scenes", which is hidden from outsiders. It symbolizes the deep layers of our soul, private and secret that is hidden from the audience. Red shades dynamic pictures is a symbol of the turbulent inner life. Anna believes that red color helps the spectator to look inside himself, feel the unconscious movements of the soul - the desire for power, anger, love, fear. So we find ourselves behind the red curtain of the scene and we can see the inside of the production mystery.

The focus of Anna’s creative research is the phenomenon of light. With light installations on an emotional level Anna allows the spectator to feel so complex and abstract philosophical categories, as the act of creation, existence, non-existence, to create the beginning of human consciousness, the divine presence. Anna proposes to abandon the categories of good and evil, referring to the concept of light and its absence.

In the project "The scene and behind the scenes," Anna continues to investigate this topic and with the help of a spotlight involves us in an exciting game of perception. Depending on the spectator’s location and a light source the pictures appear and then dissolve in the darkness of space. At the same time an artist leaves the audience a free choice: to enter into this splash and realize 'I am', recognize the presence and approve yourself. Either to stay in the ocean of darkness unnoticed by the observer. Anna shows that beauty is not possible without the light creating it. The scene is impossible without light, which makes its actors visible. Beauty, the actors, the scenery is not possible without our consciousness, that is like a ray of light.

 "For me a divine creating the world beginning can be implemented only in the light. Actors under the spotlight are changing. Times, empires, peoples are changing too but the light is absolute. It gives the same love to the rich and poor, beautiful and ugly, wise and foolish, cruel and merciful, "- says the artist.

Anna Valieva - young and already very successful Ukrainian artist, winner of the contest "New Names" and the winner of the exhibition "Rome-Kiev". Participant of a number of high-profile art projects, including "According to Forbes' and art project "Batkivshchyna" by Focus magazine in 2014.