Anastasiia Podervianska. Tetiana Rusetska  "NEW ICON"
Anastasiia Podervianska. Tetiana Rusetska "NEW ICON"
07.09.2017 - 24.09.2017

Voloshyn Gallery presents an exhibition of Anastasiia Podervianska and Tetiana Rusetska "NEW ICON". The exposition includes paintings, textile art works, and also interactive installation which will turn the visitors of the exhibition into the participants of it.

"NEW ICON" is an attempt of modern visual rethink of traditional icon-painting subjects, emotional transformation and providing canonical icons with a new meaning. In this shared project the artists reflect about divine essence of a human and humanity of God, by means of combination of Ukrainian decorativism and ethno-romanticism, and also elements of comics which grant the works with multicultural meaning, take them beyond the borders of archaic-traditional views. Synthesis of traditional techniques and canons with contemporary technologies and vision create a new visibility.

A part of exposition is the interactive installation. Since an icon not only depicts extrasensory reality but also presents it, this installation provokes interpenetration of personality into the dimension of the imaginary, variable, but visually rich multilayer world, discovering new features. In fact, it’s very similar to a dialogue, where the real and the imaginary blend into the whole harmony, delivering a new context, a new sense, a new image.

The installation joins three constituents: volumetric space structures, an image projected at them and a spectator, who having got into the space, interacts with it and this way turns into the active participant, creates own inimitable image, having registered it on a photo. Therefore, each spectator can get into the picture, become its integral part. The work is aimed at photographic fixation of the moment, promoting the new image, which makes actually the essence of the exhibition "NEW ICON" since the source of world-creating and its extension is a human.

"NEW ICON" project demonstrates that a modern icon more and more forfeits the functions of storytelling, tending to turn into the real prophesy. As the matter of fact, every icon-painter is a prophet, because his words about future sound plainly and realistic, defining which elements of our empiric reality will transgress through the fire of death into resurrection.

Anastasiia Podervianska was born in 1978 in Kyiv in the family of the artists Les Podervianskyi and Svitlana Lopukhova. The dynasty is large: parents, two grandfathers, a grandmother and a great grandfather were artists as well. In 1996 she finished Taras Shevchenko Art School and in 2002 Anastasiia graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture at Monumental Painting Department, Temple Painting Studio under the supervision of the academician M. A. Storozhenko. Since 2002 she’s been a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine. Anastasiia Podervianska works in different techniques – painting on canvas, boards, primer and glass and during preceding four years it’s been textile technique. She takes part in exhibitions and plein-airs. The works of the artist are stored in collections of “Eurolab”, the Museum of Modern Art of Ukraine as well as in private collections in Ukraine, Poland, Germany, Macedonia and the USA. Anastasiia lives and works in Kyiv.  

Tetiana Rusetska was born in 1973 in Dnipro. Since 1990 to 1995 she studied at Vuchetych State Art College (Dnipro). In 2001 she graduated from the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, the Faculty of Scenography under the supervision of the professor D. D. Lider. As a theatre designer Tetiana Rusetska cooperates with the Kyiv Academic Theatre of Drama and Comedy on the Left Bank of the Dnipro. The play “So the summer has ended” (directed by E. M. Mytnytskyi) the stage setting of which she worked on, has been on the repertoire since 1999. Apart from the work at the theatre the artist keeps on exhibition activity as a painter. Tetiana lives and works in Kyiv.

Voloshyn Gallery was founded in 2006 by spouses Max and Julia Voloshyn called Mystetska Zbirka Art Gallery. It is located in the cultural and historical center of Kyiv on the street Tereschenkivska. Voloshyn Gallery — gallery of modern and conceptual art, is a platform for artistic experimentation, research and social projects.

The mission of gallery: popularization of Ukrainian art in Ukraine and abroad. Max and Julia Voloshyn actively represent Ukrainian art abroad, facilitating its integration into European cultural processes. In February 2014 Max and Julia presented the project "Ukraine. The archetype of freedom" in Vienna in cultural and exhibition center Novomatic Forum. In April 2015 at the initiative of the gallery the first Ukrainian art tour to the island of Cyprus called MAKE ART NOT WAR was organized. In 2015, Max and Julia organized the project of Ukrainian artists in New York, which took place in the Ukrainian Institute of America. During the preceding year, Voloshyn Gallery had been presenting the artists in Miami and New York and twice in Swiss Basel at SCOPE Art Show – satellite of the most prestigious world art fairs Art Basel and The Armory Show.

Max and Julia Voloshyn actively support contemporary young Ukrainian artists and collect their works. In 2015, Max and Julia entered the top 30 Ukrainian collectors according to Forbes and became the youngest in this ranking. In the same year, Max and Julia came in a rating of Ukrainian Forbes: 30 successful Ukrainian, who are younger than 30.

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