Kyiv, Ukraine st. Tereschenkivska 13 (entrance arch, 2nd yard)
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Opening hours: Wed-Sun 11: 00-18: 00

Max and Julia Voloshyny

Voloshyn Gallery is a gallery of contemporary art, which was founded by Max and Julia Voloshyn in 2006. Starting from its foundation it was called Mystetska Zbirka Art Gallery and has been specializing in Ukrainian classical art and Socialist Realism, which is an integral part of the history of the Ukrainian arts. Subsequently, the gallery has changed its name, expanded its exhibition space and proceeded to the presentation of contemporary and conceptual art.

The modernly-equipped exhibition gallery space is located in the cultural and historical center of Kyiv at Tereschenkivska Street in an old house build in 1913, which was owned by N.A. Tereshchenko. Subsequently, the collector and philanthropist Bohdan Khanenko has purchased the building for his wife Varvara and rebuilt it into an apartment house, where the second floor is intended for expanding the Khanenko's museum exhibition of their collection paintings.

The Voloshyn Gallery is engaged in the development of the artistic community in Ukraine and promotes its integration into the global cultural processes. The gallery is a platform for experiments, researches, social projects, for both well-known artists and those who are just announcing themselves. Voloshyn Gallery also specializes in private sales on the secondary market of the art of the XX century and contemporary art and also provides consulting services in the field of collection management service.